Your Fine Dining Experience Should Be Memorable

Many of us feel that eating is one of life’s necessary things, something we must each do to keep ourselves alive and healthy, and indeed it is! But why not make at least some of those meals a memorable occasion? Let it be something special that you will savour for days after. Take your sweetheart or a friend out for a meal cooked by a gourmet chef. Be treated like royalty for a few hours. Spend some time lingering over drinks and a specialty meal you will long remember. The type of meal that, while it won’t be cheap, will make you memories that will last and last.

Where to find the best dining experience?

Perhaps the best place to find information on fine dining restaurants would be nice hotels. Ask the consigliore where he can recommend that you go. It may well be their own “in house” restaurant or one nearby but be assured they will know where to visit. Taxi drivers often know the best places to eat because their fares will know. Pages in the phone book and even the local newspaper may have ads for fine dining establishments. Look for words in their ads like meals served in multiple courses and epicurean recipes or even gourmet dining. Often these types of restaurants are found near shopping malls or they may be freestanding buildings that always seem to have a full parking lot. Once you find a family favourite you just might choose to remain loyal to them because good food is not always easy to find.

Recipes are treasures to the gourmet cook

Recipes that work well are in high demand but can often be found by asking the chef or shopping around (surfing) on the internet. If the chef has time ask him (or her) what spices he uses and what type of marinate he may apply to steaks and sea food. They often may be pleased that you show interest and will gladly share some secrets with an interested customer. When you have a few recommendations that your family really like try a few substitutions of your own. Many gourmet recipes include liberal use of mushrooms to give foods that “earthy” flavor that can only come from sautéed mushroom but some family members may not want them in their dish. Omitting them by substituting with trifle oil may still achieve what you’re looking for but be skimpy with it because a little goes a long way!

Subscribe to gourmet magazines like Epicurious or Bon Appétit

Take advantage of those who share their recipes by reading those magazines aimed at those of us who appreciate flavor in our steak or a fine rare cheeseburger with all the fixins’. If junior doesn’t like onions learn how to substitute with leeks, green onions, or maybe even onion powder. It’s difficult to replace onions special flavoring addition to recipes. That’s why experimenting works with cooking so well. If it needs a little “tweaking” try another spice or let the internet help you find substitute ingredients. Meals may be a family affair or a romantic evening for two but they will be memorable if you put in a little effort.